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Three students set up fantastic online Junior Cert resource

We know that the Junior Cert is not the be-all and end-all, but for our teens who are knee deep in study at the moment it sure can feel that way.

Three students who know exactly how they feel have set up JC-Learn, a fantastic resource for those studying for their first ‘big’ exam.

And they obviously know what they’re talking about – two of them received 11 As and the third received 8!

“Our goal at JC-Learn is to simplify the Junior Cert for all higher level students (ordinary level coming soon),” they say. “It is our mission to save students valuable time in their exam year and be certain to get an A. We feel there is insufficient help online for Junior Certificate students so JC-Learn is here to combat this problem.”

The site offer students notes, answers and advice to help them achieve the highest grade possible.

Also included are forums moderated by A-grade students, a messaging service which replies to queries personally, all the State Examinations Commission material including papers, marking schemes and chief examiner reports and an ongoing blog to help students through the Junior Certificate.

Full membership is €15 and students can sign up now for a free 14-day trial.

A massive fair play to these students for setting up their own online business AND helping their peers ace their test.

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