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This YouTuber recreated all of the 90s beauty trends in the most relatable way

From zig-zag partings to roll-on body glitter, the 90s were a distinctively interesting time when it came to beauty trends. 

Unlike our social media obsessed time, the 90s didn't have the technological abilities to capture beauty trends like we do today – people's only concept of what was a la mode came from televised makeup ads and beauty magazines. 

Nowadays, we have social media influencers and YouTube beauty gurus who dictate and hone our makeup techniques, but imagine if we were able to see what a beauty influencer would have been like in the 90s?


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Luckily, YouTuber Jaime French has made a parody video that allows us to do exactly that. Titled 'IF BEAUTY YOUTUBERS EXISTED IN 1999,' her makeup tutorial has already racked up over half a million views. 

Jaime has completely embodied what it would have meant to be a YouTuber in the era of the Spice Girls, Gameboys and roll-on body glitter. 

Opening her tutorial by thanking us for slotting her tape into our VCRs, she immediately launches into a medley of 90s teen references, and the nostalgia is exceptionally real. 


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She begins by applying a thick layer of mousse foundation to her face(using a brand we definitely all used in the past) in a shade that can only be described as mahogany tanned, Like all of us in the 90s, she was sure NOT to blend the foundation into her neck, leaving a distinctly stylish foundation line separating her neck and jaw – applied directly with her fingers of course, we were in the pre-Beauty Blender era here. 

Next up, we have some moisturising lip prep using a Lip Smackers bubble gum balm, before she lines her lips with a strikingly dark lip pencil – adding a frosty lip gloss inside the lip line. 

The eyes are always a defining feature of a makeup look, and this was no exception in the 90s. Using a frosted white shade (on a sponge tip applicator brush *shudder*), Jaime takes her shadow all the way up to her eyebrows, creating a seriously highlighted effect. Speaking of her brows, she used a single line of pencil to draw those bad boys on.  

Finishing her eye look, she powders on a baby blue shadow to the centre of her lips. 


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Thousands of people have commented on Jaime's hilarious take on 90s beauty – which is extremely accurate to the era. 

'Oh man, so many memories! Butterfly hair clips & a spritz of cotton candy or gummy bear scented body spray!, said one. 

'Damnit! I actually used that mousse foundation and the mascara. Plus I had the hair clips and the hoop earrings. Whyyyyy' said another – clearly it's very relatabel.

You can check out the comedy tutorial for yourself here: 


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