This woman's story of giving birth in a hotel room is a roller coaster

Warning: do NOT try this at home. 

You think you had a crazy birth story? Well strap yourself in, ladies and gentleman because 22-year-old Tia Freeman's birth is mind-blowing. 

She gave birth alone, in a foreign country, in a hotel bathroom and googled how to do it all herself. 

First things first, Tia didn't know she was pregnant until the thirst trimester, and even then, she was in denial. 

She was working away from home, so decided not to tell anyone. 

"My dumbass was like maybe it’ll just go away…" she writes on the craziest Twitter thread. 

She had already bought tickets for a trip from America to Germany through Turkey, so she decided that "ya girl was not about to waste international flight money. So I was like if the boy comes on time I should be all good in the hood." 

And got on a 14 hour long flight while in her third trimester. That this point was want to reach through the screen and tell her to get her ass off the flight. But no, she continues with her plans, even, wait for it, ordering SALMON on the plane. 

We're facepalming so hard right now. 

THEN she starts having contractions. So she had a nap, of course… 

 She lands and the contractions have intensified. To make matters even worse, customs at Istanbul is severely backlogged. Gripping the handrail, she pulls herself through the queue. 

Unsure as to whether or not she's experiencing labour- she googles it. Realising that she needed to wait for her water to break, she hops in a taxi to the hotel. 

She Youtubes how to give birth. We. Can't. Deal. 

She decided on a water birth in the hotel bathroom. Tia says that at this point the adrenaline had kicked in, so she had no time to be nervous. 

She then uses the timer on her phone to track the contractions. She bite down on a towel and pushes. 

It's a baby boy! But there's still one major thing to take care of- the placenta. 

 Eventually, this bad ass woman passes it in the toilet. She googles (yes we are sensing a theme here too) how to cut the umbilical chord. 

Using the hotel kettle, she sterilises some shoelaces and ties the umbilical chord, using a pocket knife to cut the chord. At this point the story turns from thriller to horror as Tia turns her attention to the state of the bathroom where she just gave birth. 

Unsure what to do with her new baby, Tia brings him to the airport- where chaos ensues. Airport staff, realising that the baby is a newborn, think that Tia is a human trafficker trying to smuggle out the baby. 

Turkish Airlines provides Tia a shuttle to the US Embassy, to make matters even stranger, there's Turkish press everywhere. After sorting out little Xavier's passport and birth certificate, the pair are taken to a hospital to be checked out.

Thanks to the massive publicity Tia's birth story generated for Turkish Airlines, she was given two weeks free accommodation until Xavier was old enough to fly home. 

When arriving back in the states, Tia sprang the new arrival on her friends and family- who had no idea that she was pregnant. 

Baby Xavier is now healthy and happy, and his mother still reeling from her crazy ordeal. 

You honestly couldn't make this stuff up. Even the responses from Twitter were hilarious. 

We're exhausted just reading about it! As amazing as Tia's story is, it's definitely not something that we will not be trying in the near future. 

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