This woman's attempt at old family recipe has us in stitches

We all have that family recipe. The grandmother's apple tart or mother's stew we try our best to replicate, despite vague instructions. 

Even with our best intentions, it can be difficult to recreate the tastes of childhood. Krista Ball definitely feels our pain. 

In a recent twitter thread, she relates a conversation with her mother in Newfoundland, Canada. While trying to comprehend her mum's instructions, she reminds us of all our mothers and grandmothers in the best way possible. 

We dare you not to crack a smile: 

"Not the big, big bag", we've all been there.  

As if it was even possible, her dear old mother gets even more cryptic:  

Also the concept of numbers seem to be ignored. 

Water or milk? It's a tough question!  

Absolutely hilarious! We would definitely try this recipe for a laugh.  

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