This woman has a heart-shaped baby bump and it's as cool as it sounds

For any pregnancy, the bump itself can be an object of fascination for many. Carrying too high, too low, bump too big or too small, weight gain, the list goes on and on. 

But for Spanish model Gala Caldirol, she has a different bump altogether. 

It's in the shape of a heart. 


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"This is a beautiful curiosity!" she captioned the photo in Spanish.

"Probably not the only one in the world but it is the first time I see it and I would love to know if someone else had seen it!" 

Doctors had told her during an ultrasound that her uterus was heart shaped, and will continue to grow in that shape for a brief period of time. 

"My little light is undoubtedly the fruit of love!" she wrote. 

The heart shape is cause by an anomaly called the bicornuate uterus. According to Babymed, it is an abnormality of the uterus that has two horns and a heart shape; the uterus has a wall inside and a partial split outside.

Women who have a bicornuate uterus have a 60% chance of delivering a healthy baby.

Thankfully, Gala went on to deliver a beautiful baby girl earlier this year.


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We definitely heart this bump! 

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