This vegan mum only feeds her daughter raw vegan food

Rhiannon Griffin is a raw vegan, and only eats an uncooked plant-based diet.

The 27-year-old also insists that her five-year-old daughter, Molly, eats the same way. 

Rhiannon battled with eating disorders when she was a teenager, and so she adopted the raw food diet in March 2015. 

PIC FROM MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: MOLLY GRIFFIN, 5, WITH SOME WATERMELONS)Meet the mum who only feeds her five-year-old daughter RAW fruit and vegetables. Raw vegan and recovered bulimic Rhiannon Griffin, 27, eats only an uncooked plant-based diet and insists daughter Molly, five, does the same. Rhiannon, who battled against bulimia in her teens and early twenties, adopted the raw vegan lifestyle after discovering YouTuber Danny Glass, better known as Sun Fruit Dan, in March 2015. SEE MERCURY COPY

After a year of her new diet, Rhiannon felt so healthy and great that she started her daughter on the same eating plan. 

She explained the diet to her young daughter, and the ethical implications that come with eating animal products. 

“It’s only natural as a mum that if you’re feeling so wonderful then you want that for your little girl too" Rhiannon explained. 

Rhiannon admits that her daughter eats more nuts and seeds than she does, to aid in her growth. 

“We’re both so happy and have loads of energy."

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