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This toddler trying pizza for the first time is all of us

Let's face it, there's nothing better than stuffing your face with a great slice of pizza. What if we could capture that pizza happiness, bottle it or picture it. 

Well Dad and podcast host Jody Avirgan has done just that. He recently snapped his 2-year-old's fantastic reaction to trying pizza for the first time, and we're in bits. 

The picture shows her little face smeared in sauce, eyes closed and hands up in the air praising the pizza gods. 

We know that feeling, honey.

It's not just pizza that kiddies love.  

Some parents even shared their own kids reactions to mozzarella and pepperoni heaven. 

One things for certain, is that Avirgan's daughter is going down in meme-history. 

We hope she never changes!  

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