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This three-year-old's fashion Instagram is iconic

Hollie is a total natural in front of the camera.

Her Instagram shows off her fabulous fashion, that would put any grown adult to shame.

The tot is just so cute as she strikes a pose. 

Along Came Hollie gives magazine models a run for their money as she twins in the same outfit.

Move over Youtubers, celebrities and bloggers, Hollie is here to rock your style. 

At the tender age of three, Hollie's cheeky smiles and funny posts will brighten up even the dullest of days.

The tot even got to meet her favourite Disney characters and of course, she's matching.

Her Instagram is a cute mix of twinning, stunning children's fashion and comedy.

The Dublin-based toddler's curly blonde hair is iconic as her outfits.

Regardless of the colour, era or style – Hollie effortless pulls off the look. 

This is definitely one to follow and we imagine that Hollie has a bright modelling future ahead of her.

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