This 'The Day You Were Born' skit will have you in absolute stitches

The day you welcome your kids into the world is, not surprisingly, a truly wonderful and emotional one. 

However, it is not one that comes without pain and, you know, a loss of dignity, something that is brilliantly captured in Amy Schumer and SNL's Mike Day's American Mother's Day skit. 

SNL are renowned for their hilarious skits, and, as you'll very quickly find out, this one does not disappoint. 

The opening scene sees Amy being woken up by her husband and her son who have made her a beautiful breakfast. It's Mother's Day and the little boy asks his mum about the day he was born.

And while she tells him it was the best day of her life, poor aul Mum experiences flashbacks of being in labour – and they're not for the faint-hearted!

"Don't cut my butthole in half!" the mum yells to the doctor while worrying whether she has pooed or not. 

But it doesn't stop at the hospital. 

The video shows what life with a newborn is really life: wee in your face, peeing and nursing at the same time and an exhaustion you'll never get used to. 

It's hilarious, accurate and will definitely make you laugh out loud! 

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