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This photo shows how hard this girl is fighting against cancer

Hayley Brown is a fun-loving seven-year-old girl, who is fighting a serious battle against cancer. 

This child has gone through months of very intensive chemotherapy, but has fought like a champion throughout the whole process.

She is determined to battle her disease, and her body recently showed just how strong she is. 

In a picture posted by Andrew Brown, Hayley's dad, we see one little eyelash hanging on to Hayley's eyelid, despite having lost all of her hair. 

Andrew captioned the photo "that one last eyelash has been hanging on, on it's own, for a few weeks now", highlighting just how strong his daughter is. 

Hayley has since lost her last eye lash and has another five weeks of radiation as well as an additional two rounds of chemotherapy before her doctors can plan next steps.

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