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This new book Wreckin' Yer Head is designed to help kids talk about their feelings


A new book, Headbomz, Wreckin’ Yer Head has been penned to shine a light on the ‘Headbomz’ that children face and the many ways in which talking makes us stronger.

The book, written in partnership with ISPCC Childline the Vodafone Ireland Foundation is the work of author Oisín McGann. 

Aimed at children aged between nine and eleven years of age, it was written to encourage children to talk openly about their feelings in a fun and engaging way.

A book will be sent to every primary school in Ireland, as well as readers being able to download it for free from in Vodafone stores nationwide from 10th October.

Written by award-winning children’s author, Oisín McGann, in consultation with Clinical Psychologist Mark Smyth, the book follows four main characters – Malachy, Eva, Harry and Aideen – as they deal with several problems or ‘Headbomz’ that are faced by children today.

These include bullying to friendship issues, parental problems to moving schools.

The book’s author Oisín McGann explains, ''through the Headbomz experienced by Malachy, Eva and Harry we wanted to share with parents, teachers and kids the ways of figuring out what they are feeling and what to do when their heads are just a bit wrecked!”

Mark Smyth, a clinical psychologist who acted as advisor to the Headbomz book project said he hopes this book helps children to feel like they always have someone to talk to.

He says, ''this book provides the key to unlocking the inner workings of a child’s emotional world with practical tips on how to help children cope when things get too much. Ultimately, to understand the world of a child we have to try and see the world through their eyes.''

He continued, ''Headbomz, Wreckin’ Yer Head, can help to not only figure out how children think and feel but most importantly, how adults – whether that be a parent, teacher, aunt or uncle – can listen, talk with and help children manage their emotions and worries.”

Everyone’s Headbomz are different and the book highlights this along with how children can deal with their problems – no matter how big or small. 

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