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This mum's reason for always using paper plates is actually SO sweet

For many parents, paper plates are reserved for those occasions when they're hosting a barbecue or having all their kid's friends over for a birthday. And we have to say, it is always a bit of a relief after these events when clean up is that little bit less stressful thanks to the lack of dishwashing.

However, Annie from the blog Laughter and Kisses ran into one mum the other day who uses paper plates ALL the time, and the reason why is so very heartwarming.

Annie found herself behind this unique mum in line at Costco, an American wholesale grocery store, and the cashier commented on the vast number of paper plates she was buying, asking if she was hosting a party of some kind.

The disposable dish-loving mum answered that nothing like that was going on. It was just another standard day for her.

“I used them at every meal," the woman said, as recounted in the Laughter and Kisses Facebook post, "You see I have young kids, and I get stuck with meal clean up all the time." 

Yep, we know how that goes! The mother went on to say:

"This is the one thing I treat myself to. I way rather be spending that time with my kids then doing the dishes.”

What an interesting approach! We can't help but see where she's coming from, and Annie did, too. That time with our little ones is so very precious.

"The young cashier smiled with her Instagram worthy make-up and well-rested eyes. Obviously, she did not understand," Annie recalled, "I smiled to myself. I understood."

Later that week, Annie said that she decided to opt for paper plates, and ended up roasting marshmallows and playing football with her kids instead of expending her leftover energy on the dishes.

"I treated myself to a stack of paper plates and a lifetime of memories with my kids this week!" she reflected.

Plenty of parents on Facebook, hearing this story, said that the paper plate mum's attitude resonated with them.

"This is fantastic. I’m going to give myself permission to do the same!" one mum shared.

Another commented, "I only treat myself to this when we have them leftover from some other type of occasion, but maybe I should make it more of a thing around here!"

We have to say, the idea sounds quite appealing! Although we hope the appropriate recycling and composting is going on afterwards, of course.

What do you think? Will you break out the paper plates more now?

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