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This mum's reaction to her son's suspension is next-level parenting

When Demetris Payne's son was suspended for three days from school, she took matters into her own hands. 

Instead of letting her son hang around the house and enjoy his three days of freedom, she instead set him to work. 

Posting to Facebook she advertised the boys services, for any domestic chores that needed doing in the neighbourhood. 

While it is unclear what exactly he was suspended for, Payne cites "discipline" in her post. 

She continues to add that her son will do "your lawn service, he will rake your yard, mow if you supply the mower, pick up trash, or wash your car". She also emphasises that all of these services will be free. 

And Payne was serious about the punishment too, she posted pictures of her son doing chores around the neighbourhood. 

Payne says in the comments that her son received so many requests for help that she has had to make a schedule for him. Despite returning to school last week, Payne insists that her son will be available on the weekends to continue his neighbourhood service.

She received praise from other parents online for how she handled her son's suspension: 

After seeing how well her parenting was received, Payne returned to Facebook to praise how well her son was taking his punishment: 

"He's an amazing kid who's taking his mistakes and wrong decisions, turning them around to right decisions,"she said.

That's one tough mama! 

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