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This mum's note about being at home with the kids has us feeling so emotional

It has been a tough and overwhelming few days in Ireland. Schools, colleges and creches are closed until the end of the month and parents are now trying to balance working from home, childminding and everything in between. It’s undoubtedly an intense time, especially for parents but one mum has penned the most eye-opening note amid the Covid-19 hysteria.

It has certainly helped us step back and take a breather. 

Linda Thompson wrote: “To the working from home mammys and daddys- for the next 2 weeks, cherish the moments. No denying it will be hard to juggle, but look at it from their perspective. They won't understand what's happening, the guilt will still be there as work will have to happen, but when they decide to feed you fake ice cream, wooden pizza, do your makeup, want to play robots or sing Let it Go at the top of their out of tune voice, cherish it!

“These are the moments we miss daily and feel guilty over it. They don't understand Covid-19, all they will love is having you there everyday. 

“To the parents on the frontline, tell them it's your time to be a superhero. To the stay at home parents, we salute you. We are all in this together and in years to come, when watching Reeling In The Years, the memories you created during these two weeks will come flooding back.

"Stay safe and keep your loved ones around you safe too.”


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