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This mum shared the most inspiring message about her postpartum body

One mum has opened up about her postpartum body in the most empowering and honest way. Many mums will understand the dread she felt when someone asked: “when are you due?” weeks after she gave birth.

Unfortunately, our bodies don’t magically snap back to the way they were before we got pregnant. They go through a wave of changes, some good, some bad, but it’s a welcome change because you know your body is changing for an amazing reason.

Laura Mazza of Mum on the Run said she has accepted her postpartum body, and questions like that no longer bother her.

“I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t sad. I wasn’t embarrassed. I didn’t feel bad. I still look pregnant, and really, why the f**k wouldn’t I?”

The mum explained that she has had babies two years apart. “I’ve grown their bones, their eyes, their little noses and toes and I’ve created their hearts. My organs squished down to allow them to grow and my muscles separated to let them grow.”

She went through the pain of giving birth, she breastfed her babies and lost hours and hours of sleep.

“I am watching them grow and nurturing them and looking after them from a place of pure exhaustion, but I look at them, the little things I’ve created and think they’re beautiful, truly beautiful amazing little things.”

Laura posed the perfect question to fellow mums: "Why should we care about how our bodies look? “On our deathbeds, are we going to be talking about how we looked after giving birth, or are we going to be talking about the people we gave birth to?"

She reassured mums who may be feeling self-conscious about their bodies, “If you’re still looking pregnant, if you’ve been mistaken for being pregnant, if you got this delicious overhang like me… embrace it! It’s okay to want to change your body but don’t spend one more second hating it in the interim, it’s done something wonderful, it’s made life.”

We LOVE Laura’s positive outlook on postpartum bodies. We couldn’t agree with her more, we have created a life, and a bit of excess skin shouldn’t take away from that amazing feat.

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