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This 'mum-shaming' photoshoot will make you think before you speak

Even in this day and age, mum-shaming is rife. Whether you are criticised for bottle-feeding, letting your little one watch telly or for doing (or not doing) certain things when you are pregnant, most mums have, at one stage or another, felt shamed or belittled for their choices. 

In a bid to highlight that every parent has the right to make decisions based on their own family, and that those decisions should be respected, photographer Abbie Fox decided to have an 'Anti-Mommy Shamers Unite' photoshoot. 

"In this technology world where we spend tons of time on Facebook and in Mommy groups we find one major thing every day… Mommy Shaming [sic]," Abbie wrote on Facebook. "People roll their eyes and say it doesn't happen anymore but it is alive and well, and it can be brutal."

"When I was a first time mom I would cry for things people said to me, and the main culprit were other moms. Why we can't just get along is a question I ask all of the time. If our kids are healthy, happy, and thriving, who cares if our parenting styles are different?!"

For the series, Abbie took photos of a number of children from various families, each holding a sign with a "hot button topic" written on it. 

From young children watching television, to opting for formula over breast, the photographer tries to capture the various choices parents make – that they should be respected for.  

Explaining the reason behind the series, Abbie wrote: "We all have our differences in parenting and need to realise that everyone is raised differently and have different values and things that are important to us. We need to spread a little more love around.

"So I got together with some of my amazing clients and we put this together. Each child is holding a sign of what could be deemed a "hot button" topic for some. No, not all subjects are covered. This was a volunteer project and I could not find someone to cover each subject I wanted. Make sure you scroll through the whole album all the way to the end."

We love this series! What 'sign' would you add to it? 

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