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This mum re-wrote her daughter's 'sexist' homework... and it's BRILLIANT

This is brilliant! 

A mum in America is being praised for re-writing her daughter's homework after she deemed it to be sexist. 

For her assignment, six-year-old Hazel had been asked to fill in the blanks on a story about a girl named Lisa. 

Sounds perfectly normal, right? Well, on the outside, yes, but as you look a little closer at the piece in question, it's easy to see why her mum Lynne Polvino was annoyed by the whole thing. 

The article starts off by saying that Lisa's mum is going back to work after a few years off. Lisa is not particularly happy, which is not unusual. 

However, as the story continues, it is clear that the mum's return to work is causing a lot of hassle in the home: Dad can't make breakfast and Lisa is afraid she'll feel lonely if she has to go home to an empty house. 

So basically it's saying that dads can't cook and mums going to work are just creating a lot of negativity in the home. 

Not cool. At all. 

So, in order for her daughter to understand that this is not actually how the world works these days, Lynne re-wrote the story to something a little easier to digest. 

This time she looks at the positive aspect of Mum going to work, and finishes off with: "Lisa was glad she was growing up in a society free of gender bias and misogyny…" 

Way to go, Lynne! 


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