This mum had a STUNNING photoshoot with her child after she passed away...

Kay and Jeffrey Gilhespy were devastated when doctors told them their baby girl Ava-Violet would die soon after birth.

The couple, from Northumberland in England, were shocked when they learned their fourth child had a rare syndrome called Trisomy13, which had affected her little heart. 

Despite their grief, the pair were determined to do something to mark their little one's brief time in their lives.

While she was still pregnant, Kay (31) found a charity called Remember My Baby who use volunteer photographers to take pictures of parents with their babies who have passed away, and knew that she wanted to do the same.

"It was our way of making sure people knew she existed even if it was just for 16 days," Kay told the Daily Mail.

"It was a beautiful and bitter-sweet experience. I had some mixed reactions when I told people what we were going to do but for us these were all the memories we were going to have of Ava-Violet."

"Knowing that Ava-Violet could be stillborn, the idea intrigued me. It would mean we would have some memories of her that we could keep forever."

"Jeffrey wasn't sure at first but I knew I wanted to do it."

Ava-Violet was born by emergency Caesarean at 35 weeks after doctors realised Kay was in a silent labour during a routine check-up while Jeffrey, a submariner, was working away in Scotland.

Frail Ava-Violet wasn't breathing when she was born and had to be revived and immediately put on oxygen in an incubator. She weighed just 4lb 10oz.

"It was awful not being able to hold her for the first day and only being able to touch her little hands in the incubator," said Kay, who's also mum to Millie-Eve (7), Oliver (4) and Alexander (2).

"My other children were so excited to to have a little sister but they knew she was poorly."

When Ava-Violet was finally allowed home aged just 14 days, Kay and Jeffrey hoped that she might be one of the lucky ones to live a bit longer with the condition.

Sadly however, the child went limp in Kay's arms just two days later. 

"We tried to resuscitate her while we waited for the ambulance," she said.

"She was rushed to the hospital but there was nothing they could do. She was gone. She had suffered cardiac failure."

"I had totally forgotten about the date and then some friends were messaging me saying Happy Mother's Day because they had no idea. It was very emotional."

Heartbroken by their loss, the pair knew they needed to honour their daughter's short life. 

So two hours after Ava-Violet passed away, volunteer  photographers Paula from Remember My Baby charity arrived at the chapel of rest to help the couple remember their girl.

And Kay couldn't be happier that she chose to have this photoshoot with a difference.

"I look at the pictures all the time, they have been a huge comfort for me," she said. 

"It's nice to see these pictures of Ava-Violet looking so peaceful and not with tubes and wires sticking out of her little body."

"I have had a lot of mixed reactions when I have told people about the photo album but I just tell them that not everybody is lucky enough to have their children for a lifetime.

"For us, these are the only peaceful photos we have of Ava-Violet and they mean the world to us."

Aww. We're really feeling for these poor parents, but how strong were they to pose for the shoot despite their grief? We're in awe. 

You can read more about Ava-Violet's journey and condition on Kay's special Facebook page:

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