This mum gave birth on all fours, and it was spectacular

Recently, professional photographer Elizabeth Farnsworth got called to a hospital to capture the birth of a beautiful new baby. 

However, upon arrival, Elizabeth was not faced with a typical birthing scenario. 

The mum-to-be, who already had four children, decided to give birth on her hands and knees… and it is mind-blowing to watch. 

The baby was born healthy and happy, at an impressive nine pounds. 

Elizabeth said that “having also birthed my fourth on hands and knees, I think it’s important for mums-to-be out there to know that it IS an option!” 

The photographs have captured the attention of many online, who are totally in awe of this amazing mum. 

Giving birth is no easy task, and it is so important to do it the way you feel most comfortable. 

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