This mother who breastfed during a college exam is all kinds of amazing

Jahan Taab is a 22-year-old student from Afghanistan's Daikundi province. 

Recently, the young mother was pictured taking an exam and has since gone viral for an amazing reason. 

Her baby started crying, so she nursed him, without stopping the paper. 

Taab, who was taking an entrance exam to study social sciences in a private Kabul university, has been praised as the boss mama she is. 

The exam invigilator told Buzzfeed News that the other students "were so sympathetic" and that Taab was "amazing."

Not only was the picture a symbol for strong mothers everywhere, but many see hope in it for a better Afghanistan. 

According to the Human Rights Watch, two-thirds of Afghani girls do not attend school. Entrenched social attitudes as well as insecurity, poverty, and displacement are among the main barriers to women's education. 

Despite over coming these obstacles and acing her exams, Taab is still uncertain about her future. 

A local source explained that  "she is from a poor family" in the mountains with no car access and a 10-hour commute to Kabul. 

After the exam, she reportedly met with school administration as she was worried that she was unable to afford the college fees. 

Since going viral however, many people have pledged to help Taab through Gofundme and other NGOs. 

In a country torn by war and oppression, the sheer determination and bravery of this young mother shines bright. 

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