THIS is why your dog is obsessed with sleeping on your pregnant belly

If you're a dog-owner you will know that, for some reason, when you're pregnant the dog gravitates towards your belly.

Many expectant mums find that their hounds love nothing more than to drape themselves across a pregnant stomach and settle into a peaceful snooze.

So why is this?

According to Animal Planet, ''When you're pregnant, all the hormones flooding your body are likely to alter your scent somehow.  Not much gets by the canine nose, so there's a chance your dog caught wind of a change in you – maybe even before you did.''

Dogs are smart creatures and well aware of the fact that your body has changed. 

Dr. June Wiley, DVM at Banfield Pet Hospital says that pets can be sensitive to changes in the home and  that changes in your gait and mobility might make you come across as more vulnerable to your dog who therefore wants to be nearer you. 

Sweet, isn't  it?

So when it comes to their love for your blooming stomach,  Peter L. Borchelt, PhD, a certified animal behaviourist based in New York says hat they feel more attached to their owner.

He said, ''If your fur baby notices those oh-so-pleasant pregnancy mood swings, they may feel compelled to offer their comfort.''

He continued, ''Some dogs can be very sensitive to people’s moods, and they will respond if they know their owner is upset or angry." 

However, not all dogs handle pregnancy in the same way and the other changes in the home – smell and furniture like a crib, can also affect their behaviour.

While we can't speak to our dogs, we can give them just as many cuddles to reassure the that nothing is going to change too much.

So we think that we'll embrace the affection from our little furballs before baby comes to distract us. 

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