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This is the result of mashing an artist's skills and a child's imagination together

This is what uncles are for.

Artist William Lyday saw an opportunity to bring together the imagination of children and his skills as an artist.

His testers were his two nephews', who have been very busy drawing up a storm for their uncle.


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Six-year-old Danny and nine-year-old Erik Kolar most definitely have buckets of creativity.

William then takes their creations and redraws them – and the results are spectacular.  

Although their uncle usually gets love from the boys for his interpretation of their work – he doesn't always hit their mark.


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“The first time I got reactions from them they thought a majority of them were great and they loved them,” William told the Press Association.

“But sometimes they can be critics!

“Because sometimes they won’t include a whole lot of detail, leaving me to have to fill in the gaps and that doesn’t always match the picture in their head.”


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This was evident when William accidentally drew a "kind of alien tiger" with fur. 

“After Danny saw it he told me, ‘No, this is all wrong, he’s not furry, he’s supposed to be covered in metal’.”

Despite getting the odd correction, the 37-year-old said the biggest lesson he has learnt from the experience is to "remove that unconscious filter I think we as adults tend to see through."

“That gets in the way of us just making what we want without any second guessing.”


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William gave up his job at the start of the year in the hope of having a career as a full-time artist.

We might even be treated to a book of the families creations, as it is something the artist is aspiring to do.

The boys are also benefiting from the project, as they are showing "more enthusiasm about art, and enthusiasm for brainstorming completely new creatures and worlds," says William.

“As a kid growing up, I loved art, but didn’t have a lot of support or teachers that really fostered my abilities. So I wanted to make sure the boys had somebody in their life that fills that role for them,” he added.

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