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This is the incredible way Lego has helped a sick turtle

Lego is a firm family favourite in households nationwide.

We can't deny how brilliant they are, despite cursing the bricks as they lodge into the bottom of our foot.

They have given us and our children hours of creative fun, and it seems that this turtle is also benefiting from Lego.

A wild turtle with a broken shell is now rolling around in a stylish Lego wheelchair at a US zoo.

The creature is recovering after surgery to fix fractures to the underside of his shell.

The turtle was discovered in July and after a successful operation, Vet Garrett Fraess sent sketches of the wheelchair to a friend who adores Lego.

No one specialises in turtle-sized wheelchairs, but Mr Fraess explained that it's vital for the shell to be kept off the ground, during the healing process. 

The one-of-a-kind wheelchair allows the turtle to get around by using his legs but the shell is safely off the ground.

Ellen Bronson, Maryland Zoo doctor, has said that the turtle will use the wheelchair until early next year.

Once the turtle is nursed back to full health, he will be re-released into the wild.

It just goes to show that your child's love of Lego could come in handy in the future. 

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