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This Irish-owned app will sell your used clothes for you, and it's our new favourite thing

Selling your used clothes online takes time and effort – time that most of us don't really have to spare. 

Not only do you have to take nice photos of the items (so they look desirable for potential customers), you also need to package and post them out. 

Well, that was until now. 

Dressup Market is a snazzy new Irish-owned app where you can buy and sell gorgeous fashion.

What makes this particular app different though is that they do all the hard work for you. 

"As January 2017 arrived, it was that time again, a time for a ‘new you’ and a review of life,"  Lana Gregen, CEO said when asked why she started it. "So, I stood in front of my wardrobe and like many women, I had a wardrobe full of barely worn pieces, but always found I had nothing to wear. 

"I didn’t have the money to shop until I dropped, or to donate and replenish with a new wardrobe and I couldn’t find a platform that provided a solution to the existing slow selling and cluttered resale markets, or one that I would actually want to make that all important effort to list and sell my clothing, one where smart descriptions and hashtags were not required in order to be found.

"It wasn’t just a material thing, yes we all like something new and shiny but I found it was deeply upsetting me that I was unable to continue to evolve and express myself easily on my journey through life and was so restricted by time, space and money. I believe that clothes tell a story about who you are and how you feel about yourself. They help you feel good when you are down or give you confidence when you need it most."


One of our favourite looks this week comes from this stunner @emilyshak  You can't beat the nice top and jeans combo! Make it extra sxy with ripped jeans and a fab pair of heels and throw in a designer bag for that feel good factor!! Get inspired and create your own! This trio from the market gives you top brands, at seriously low prices!! #happyplanning  We have some very exciting features adding to this coming early next week!!!  . #community #outfitplanning #create #looks #shopthelook #discountedprices #bargainbetty #love #fashion #style #instafashion #instastyle #instagood #instago #instapic #picoftheday #instalove #instafamous #instafollow #instablogger #instafun #resale #womensclothing #support #womeninbusiness #girlboss #dressupmarket

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"I wanted to create a platform that would be easy to navigate, enjoyable to browse, plan and organise looks and most importantly, effective to buy and sell items to suit my current needs (or wants)."

And boy, did she succeed. 

Lana and her co-founder, Amy Pugh, spent months finalising the app.

For them, it had to be mobile, there was no question there, and also it had to be widely available on Android and iOS. The app is free to download and list, with a commission on sale approach (they take 30% of the money you make, which is a much better rate than most consignment stores).

They created the perfect space to manage your wardrobe and organise outfits for any social occasion. It's a platform to clear out your closet, search and shop event style and add garments to customised folders where you can see looks or wishlists together, before you even tap buy.

Also, you're in very good hands, because buyer and seller protection is Dressup's top priority! The ladies chose Stripe as their payments partner, which added a clear processing time feature and an integrated shipment tracking facility.

‘Match My Measurements’ is possibly our favourite feature on the app! It helps the user to find clothes that fit, first time.

With a simple yet innovative sizing algorithm at its core, this feature gives shoppers greater guidance and confidence for each purchasing decision so that the want of a return will be less likely, key in a pre-loved market where sales are final.

Give it a download, and get selling and spending. 

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