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This homeless man found a huge amount of money - but then he did THIS

Kevin Booth is a special person.

The man, who happens to be homeless, stumbled upon a brown bag outside of a food bank's bread box while looking for bread to eat. 

And he got the shock of his life when he looked inside it.

While the 32-year-old was expecting food, he found $17,000 in cash.

Speechless, he and a volunteer from the food bank called the police.

The Sumner police department checked that the money was real and when they couldn't find out what happened, they decided to keep it for 90 days to see if anyone would come forward and claim it.

When no one did, it went back to the food bank – but Kevin isn't coming away from this empty-handed.

The food bank is giving him part of the money in gift cards as a reward.

Kevin said that "There are a lot of people who would have taken it. I'm just not that person.''

When people heard about his story, a  GoFundMe page was launched by a Sumner resident to raise money for him. 

What an amazing man – the spirit of giving is still alive and kicking if you look out for it. 

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