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Wow! This girl made a UNICORN-inspired prosthetic arm

11-year-old Jordan Reeves was born without a fully developed left arm. 

So she decided, while attending a “Superhero Cyborgs” camp last year, to design an extra special prosthetic arm that shoots glitter. 

Inspired by unicorns, Jordan made sure her new arm, which is shaped like a horn, was as sparkly as possible.

And the best thing? 

It shoots out glitter. 

“Jordan is a high-energy ball of girl power,” her mum Jen told HuffPost. “She’s confident and has really grown into her own person this past year.

"Someone on Twitter said Jordan is a combination of Disney Princess and Ironman. I think that is very true.”

“Jordan’s overall attitude is: ‘Yeah, I’m different. So what?’ We are all different. Her difference just happens to be obvious.”

And while we're not keen on the idea of having to clean all that glitter up, there is no denying this is the best thing we have ever seen. 

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