Big Kids

This boy's WBD costume is genius - can you guess who he is?

It's World Book Day which means plenty of kids went to school today dressed up as their favourite character.

And while most no doubt took inspiration from books like Charlotte’s Web, The Worst Witch, Harry Potter and James and the Giant Peach, there was one boy who went a little bit further

Instead of sticking with traditional fictitious characters, this youngster decided to go to school as The Body Coach (Joe Wicks).


He donned a curly wig, popped on a green T-shirt and drew a pretty awesome looking beard on his face. 

And while most of us mums would know exactly who he was meant to be straight away, to ensure everyone was aware of his outfit-inspo, he carried a Lean in 15 book around with him. 

Oh, and a plastic lettuce…

In fairness to him, he definitely NAILED the look! 

Did you little one wear a funny costume today? Click here to be in with a chance of winning €250. 

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