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This barista will restore your faith in humanity with his kindness

Not all heroes have their own Hollywood blockbuster, some wear an apron and serve coffee.

This couldn't be more accurate for one Starbucks barista, Chris.

The employee went above and beyond when a storm destroyed a student's year book photograph.

In mid-July, rain was the last thing on the mind of year book organisers.

Sydney Johansson was preparing for her outdoor photograph, when the heavens opened.

Sydney has cerebral palsy and it was impossible for her to reschedule the shoot as she was due to undergo surgery in a few weeks time. 

Her mum, Laura and photographer Jessica Vallia mulled over ideas of how they could take the picture.

That's when Laura had the bright idea of Starbucks.

“We drove over in the hurricane wind and rain and [Laura] ran in to ask,” Jessica wrote in a Facebook post.

“She says to the guy at the counter… ‘You can tell me to screw off BUT it’s pouring, my daughter was supposed to have senior pictures outside. She is in a wheelchair, can we just come inside and take some pics?’”

“(We really weren’t sure what they’d say) and he replied with ‘Absolutely!’ and offers his umbrella to help us get inside.”

Chris helping them inside: Photo credit: Jessica Vallia

If that wasn't sweet enough, Chris came outside with an umbrella in the pouring rain to help get Sydney safely inside the cafe.

Jessica detailed that: "he isn't even under the umbrella and trust me, he was soaked through but brought me a dry towel for Sydney."

After drying off, the trio and their family members were offered soya hot chocolates as staff weren't entirely sure of their allergens. 

"I was blown away with gratitude at this point," wrote Jessica.

The backdrop Chris made: Photo credit: Jessica Vallia

It was time for the all important photograph.

Chris was on hand to move furniture, rearranged items in the cafe and even pulled out markers and paper to make a backdrop.

"We were there a good hour at least, taking up the bathroom as it's no easy feat to change Sydney and we had several outfits," explained the photographer.

Once they got all they needed, it was time to part ways.

However, the incredible barista wouldn't take a penny for the beverages.

Naturally, Jessica said a lot of tears were shed when reflecting on his kindness.

"I just wanted her to have the average senior session, like any other girl and instead she got THE RED CARPET in a way I couldn't have been more proud to be a part of!!!" she said.

The photographer concluded her post by thanking Chris from the bottom of their hearts and said he needs an "awesome human" award.

To be honest, we couldn't agree more; what an amazing gesture. 

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