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This baby elephant is undergoing water therapy for an injured foot

This is Fah Jam, a baby elephant living in Thailand with a very sore little foot. 

Fah Jam severely injured her front left foot a couple of months ago in an animal snare, and our hearts can't take it. 

Last week, this GORGEOUS little elephant started a special hydrotherapy treatment as part of her rehabilitation process, and it is TOO MUCH. 

According to Reuters, this water-based exercise will strengthen her bicep muscles, as she has been unable to stand on all fours since the accident. 

Fah Jam also has to wear a special leg harness everyday, to help her walk. 

The animal snare was set by villagers to prevent elephant intrusions in their area… which seems a little bit harsh if you ask me.

However, the lovely people caring for Fah Jam hope that one day she will be able to walk without her special harness.

Get well soon Fah Jam. 

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