These autumnal names are perfect if you're expecting an October baby

We all know that choosing a name for your newborn is not an easy task.

If you're expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet this month or you know someone who is, why not plump for an autumnal name?

There are so many unique ones to choose from- so why not take some inspiration from the season the baby is born in? 

As we have arrived in October, lets have a look at some of the cutest Autumn-influenced monikers…

The following names can be used for either a baby boy or girl – some parents have even called their children September, October and November.

1. Autumn

An obvious one, what better way is there to pay homage to the season of your baby’s birth? 

2. Hazel

Hazel trees turn yellow before falling in autumn-  how pretty is that?

3. Forest

Originating from the Latin word 'foris', it means ' of the wood'. Can it get any more autumnal than that?

4. Ashley 

This name takes after the ash tree, which turns a beautiful golden colour in autumn. 

5. Rowan

This is an ancient Irish name, that comes from the ‘mountain ash’ tree known for its bold red berries. 

6. Oakley

This gorgeous name is inspired by the acorn-bearing oak tree. 

7. Laurel 

The laurel tree is known for its evergreen leaves and makes a pretty name.  

8. Heather

This name is taken from the famous plant which flowers with the evergreens – stunning. 

9. Scarlett

What colour is more representative of the changing colours of autumn?

10. Cedar

The ancient cedar tree encapsulates all that is beautiful about autumn. 

Do any of these names take your fancy? 

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