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This ADORABLE puppy has just handed himself into a police station

If anyone is missing their dog, you might be in luck

A gorgeous puppy has wandered into Dundrum Garda Station.

Yes, really. 

The station took to social media to let people know that the hound had handed himself in – what a clever dog, right? 

They wrote, ''This lovely young pup just presented himself at the counter of Dundrum Garda Station to report his owner missing!! Can anyone help him Any info to Dundrum GS 01-666560.''

The snap shows a cute fluffy puppy with a black collar, but no other information is given. 

People thought it was so sweet how he handed himself in, knowing that he was lost.

One said, ''Awww. Hope he finds his owner.''

While another wrote, ''This is brilliant'' and two laughing face emojis. 

We hope he finds his way to his owners soon. 

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