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This 8-year-old girl donated ALL of her birthday money to children's hospice

One little girl has showed us that there are still wonderful people on this planet. Eight-year-old Katie celebrated her birthday this month but instead of asking for dozens of presents, she decided to do something special for the poorly children at the Laura Lynn Hospice.

The little darling asked all of her friends for money instead of presents this year. She then donated all of the money, which amounted to €150, to the children’s hospice.

The staff at Laura Lynn were obviously overwhelmed by the touching gesture and posted it on their Instagram account. They expressed their gratitude and praised Katie for being so thoughtful.


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They wrote, “We’re not crying- you are. Thank you for your kind donation and letter Katie. This is just wonderful; €150 from her birthday money donated to Laura Lynn Hospice.”

Laura Lynn Hospice also posted the beautiful letter that Katie sent. It read:

“Dear staff of Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice,

“My name is Katie. I am 8-years-old and I am from Carlow. Instead of presents for my birthday this year I asked my friends for money so that I could make a donation to you. 


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“Please put this money towards something special for the children to play with.

“Thank you, Katie.”

Katie is an absolute sweetheart. We’re sure her donation will make the children at Laura Lynn smile. Now if anyone needs us, we’ll be sobbing over her act of kindness. It is all too cute.

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