These two babies may be twins but they don't share the same birthday

Twins mean double everything, including birthday parties.

However, for one family in Texas, they won’t be celebrating their twins’ birthdays on the same day, because they weren’t born on the same day!

When LaTroya Woolridge went into labour at 24 weeks, she was understandably terrified. Being in active labour, the mum was given two choices: have both babies by C-section or deliver one naturally, leaving the other in for as long as possible.

LaTroya decided on the latter option, and baby Amara was born weighing just 540 grams.

For two weeks baby Arthur III stayed in the womb, until the mum developed a fever and he was delivered via C-section exactly two weeks after his sister.

“I have heard of twins being born on different days because they were a few minutes apart, but I had no idea that it was possible for twins to be born with a significantly different date of birth,” she told InsideEdition.

Thankfully, the babies are said to be doing well, and will be having two separate birthdays.

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