These once popular baby names are now becoming extinct

With new and beautiful baby names being discovered each and every day, it means that choosing the perfect name to fit your own little one can be quite the challenge. 

Out with the old and in with the new, that’s what they say, right? Well unfortunately this means that a lot of names which used to be in high demand, have since been moving down the list, and are now at risk of becoming extinct altogether.

New data has been revealed by Flowercard, examining which names are falling out of fashion.

The most endangered girls names:

  1. Kirsty
  2. Jordan
  3. Shauna
  4. Shannon
  5. Courtney
  6. Lauren
  7. Gemma
  8. Jodie
  9. Jade
  10. Natasha

The most endangered boys names:

  1. Mitchell
  2. Kieran
  3. Ross
  4. Brandon
  5. Craig
  6. Ben
  7. Jordan
  8. Callum
  9. Kyle
  10. Scott

Kirsty, Jordan and Shauna are endangered names, experiencing the biggest drops in popularity between 2000 and 2019. While glamour model, Jordan was finding popularity in 2000, so was her name, with 622 baby girls given the name in that year. However, in 2019, that had dropped to just six, a huge decrease in popularity of 99.04%.

Perhaps most surprisingly, at number six is the name Lauren which featured in the top 20 names in 2000, but took a drop of 98.02%.

Kieran was a popular name in 2000, with 2,586 baby boys given this name, compared to 116 in 2019, a popularity decrease of 95.51%.

The name Callum ranked as the 13th most popular name 20 years ago, but after a drop of 93.50%, is now one of the UK’s most endangered. 

Will these names ever get a resurgence again? Who knows, maybe someday in the future we’ll overhear parents yelling at their Kyles and Jodies to stop fighting over the swings at the playground. 

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