These modern baby names are perfect for parents who want something new

Naming your bundle of joy can be more stressful than the actual pregnancy and birth combined – this we know for sure.

While there's nothing wrong with old classics, names with a modern spin can be just as timeless.

Just like these ones…

1. Zephyr

While this is usually a boy's name, it's a version of the Greek word Zephyros, meaning west wind. Pretty cool, right?

2. Bellamy

Said to mean ''good friend'', this name might typically be a surname but how cute is it for a baby girl? 

3. Audio

You can't get much more modern than this one –  musical parents take note. 

4. Renzo.

Lorenzo has experienced a surge in popularity within the past few years, and Renzo is a modern take on it.

5. Lennox

Stylish and cool, Lennox can be shortened to Lenny or even Nox. 

6.  Pixie

This ethereal and whimsical name has Irish origins meaning ''fairy.''

7. Thierry

Thierry has French origins, as well as connotations of style and power.

8. Exton

This one is a bit preppy but with an edge – ideal for parents who want a modern spin for their baby name.

9. Zanda

Meaning "man's defender'', this is the perfect name for a strong little girl who can hold her own.

10. Kaius

Forget Kai and Kaia, it's all about Kaius which has an almost regal-like ring to it. 

11. Freesia

Flowers have always been a popular choice for babies names like Rose or Daisy. But what about something like Freesia? It's a bit edgier and a bit more modern.

So, which ones are your favourite ? 

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