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These inspiring shop owners are supporting kids in the best way

It is vital for our children to feel safe no matter where they are, whether that is on holidays in a foreign country or simply down in the local shop.

One local business in Bray has ensured that both local and visitors have a safe place to go if they’re feeling harassed or intimidated.

Twizzlers American Sweet and Shake Shop have opened their doors to youths who are in need of some support.

David Dunne of Twizzlers said a shocking attack in the local area inspired him and business partner Barry to welcome people into their shop if they need any help.

David explained that when an eight-year-old Italian boy was attacked in the town he knew he had to do something.

He said children can use the shop phone or Internet to contact whoever they need during times of distress. David stressed that it doesn’t matter if you need to call someone in Spain or France- the important thing is seeking help.

David said children are their most common customers, and wanted to give back to them: “The main message we want everyone to understand is that myself and Barry are supported by the local community and this is the first step in repaying that support by paying it forward.

He added: “We’d never be put out by youths looking for help.”

As dads themselves, Barry and David are hoping to make the area a safer and happier place, especially for kids. The plan is to develop the Student Safe Zone Initiative with the help of local Sinn Fein councillor and national youth leader Dermot O’Brien (also known as Daisy)

David hopes more businesses in Bray will follow in their footsteps by showing the community that it is a safe area.

They plan to invite businesses and organisations to sign up to a network of ‘Student Safe Zones’. Together they will create stickers or posters to put up in local businesses so students are aware of the ‘safe zones’.

They’re planning for the posters to say: “Student Safe Zone-If you are in a situation and need some help, you will be safe and supported here.”

David and Barry’s efforts to make their local area a safer place are beyond admirable: “It isn’t about publicity, it’s about community,” they stressed.

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