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These Halloween family costume ideas will absolutely MELT your heart

Halloween is creeping up on us, with spiders beginning to appear on the web, and we've started to brainstorm our costumes. 

We've come up with some pretty good ideas if we do say so ourselves, and the only problem you'll have now is choosing the one you want.

Even if you or your other half aren't big on Halloween dress up, there's no way you'll be able to deny the little ones these amazing costume get-ups. 

You know what they say – the family that dresses up together stays together!

1. The Scooby Doo Clan

This is too easy to pass up! Dress up as the cult favourites, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Scooby or Velma. It's easy peasy, needing only ordinary every day clothing, except for Scooby. However, you can be adventurous and buy one, or get a doggy costume for the youngest member of the family!

2. The Flinstones

Need we say more? If you're new parents with a small bambino, then the famous Bedrock couple is literally the costume of dreams, and it will be so much fun. How often do you see your other half in a dress! 


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3. The Avengers

This one is amazing, because it gives all types of families the opportunity to dress as their favourite characters. Whether you have a family of three or a family of six there's a costume for everyone – but personally we're going for Captain America and Iron Man – we're not biased, promise. 

4. Sesame Street

How cute would it be for all the family to dress up in their favourite Sesame Street characters? Between Big Bird, the Cookie Monster and Rosita it would be hard to stop us. 


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5. BLT

What do us parents love as much as our kids? Our food! The famous bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich can totally be made into a costume – parents dress as two slices of bread, while the kiddos get the bacon, lettuce and tomato – and at least with this one nobody wins on the embarrassment scale but the photos will be beyond adorbs!

6. The Incredibles

All the red clothes you can think of; leggings, T-shirts, jeans, trainers. 


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7. Beekeeper and Bees

So much fun to be had with this one – Dad gets to dress up as the bee keeper, Mum the queen of the hive and then all the little bees surround the coven. 

8. Angry Birds

Again we're going to the animals for inspiration, but aside from being so darn cute, you get to be an angry kinda cute too! Each bird has different colours and you could co-ordinate by having parents as the higher level birds, while the kids are at beginners level. Or with the way technology is these days, that could easily be the other way around!

9. The Simpsons

Dress up as Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie and watch everyone's head turn as they see you coming down the road. The kids get to body paint which will enthral lots of excitement, and you might just enjoy the adventure too – win, win. 

Don't forget to let us know if you have any ideas!

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