These attention-grabbing baby names will definitely make an impression

Everyone wants a name that will make an impression – preferably a good one.

Choosing a name that your child will carry with them forever can be a hugely daunting task.

But we are here to make that easier for you – so here are a few strong and attention-grabbing names that might take your fancy.

1. Trinity

This name has Latin origins and means triad, which refers to the holy trinity in Christianity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

2. Dash

While this can usually be a nickname for Dashiell, on its own it sounds pretty cool. 

With French origins, in English it means to run fast. 

3. Journey

This name will definitely stick in your mind if you heard it.

With English origins, it is soaring to popularity in the baby name charts.

4. Clementine

It might be a type of orange, but it does smell and taste great.

With Latin origins, it means mild or merciful. 

5. Constantine 

Constantine comes from the Latin constans which means constant, steadfast.

Impression-worthy, right? 

6. Emerson

This is a name that will make an impression.

It echoes classic literature, you can use it as a gender-neutral name and shorten it to Emmie or Emmy – what more could you want? 

7. Justice

With French and Latin origins, it is said to be a transferred use of a surname derived from Justice meaning rightfulness and fairness.

This moniker is gender-neutral and stunning. 

8. Remington

This name conjures up images of royalty and castles 

With British origins, it is said to be derived from the Old English word riming, meaning raven. 

9. Violet

Violet has French origins and is from the Old French Violette which is derived from the Latin Viola.

While it is a flower name, the violet is said to symbolise modesty and faithfulness. 

10. Sebastian

With Latin origins, it means venerable, revered.

It also has connotations to Shakespeare, and his play, Twelfth Night

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