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These are the adorable baby names that are going 'extinct' in Ireland

There's something magical about a unique baby name.

No matter where you go in the world, people are always fascinated by them – despite them always being mispronounced. 

So it's a shame to hear that some of the names are disappearing.

According to, these are the names that are in need of revival in Ireland. classifies an almost extinct name by it not appearing in their last five birth records.

Boys' names:

Herbert – This name means illustrious warrior, army and bright. The name came to British shores during the Norman Conquest. 

Norman – This dates back to the Vikings and means the "Man of the North," this could also be popular for any Game of Thrones fans.

Cecil – Cecil derives from the Roman name Caecilius. The name was everywhere in the 19th century when it was given in honour of the noble Cecil family. 

Bartholomew – This Hebrew baby name means ploughman. 

Leslie – The origin of this beautiful name is Scottish. It's taken from the surname Lesslyn, and it's believed that Leslie also has Gaelic elements. 

Cyril – This boy's name has Greek links as it comes from the name Κύριλλος (Kýrillos) meaning "lordly, masterful".  

Reginald – If your little boy is a born fighter, then this German name could be perfect as it means "powerful ruler." 

Donald – Another Scottish baby name, it means "great chief," "world mighty." And it derives from the Gaelic Domhnall. 

Sylvester – From the Latin adjective silvestris meaning "wooded" or "wild", you could even opt for the name to be spelt with an i, which is the classic Latin spelling of the name. 

Wallace – This baby boy name has German origins and means "peaceful ruler."

Garrett – The old English name means 'rules by the spear' or 'hard or bold spear.' It is also based on the German name Gerard. 

Girls' names:

Gertrude – or Gertrud comes from the German meaning "spear" and "strength". 

Ethel –  we are surprised to see this name on the list, as it's a lovely name for a baby girl and means "noble" in old English.

Eveline – Spice things up with a French flare, as Eveline comes from the old French word 'aveline' which translates to hazelnut.

Muriel – This is an English name stolen from Celtic elements and is linked to the meaning of "sea" and "bright."

Gladys – Why not give a Welsh a go? This comes from the Welsh names Gwladus or Gwladys. It means "royalty (princess)" or "the gladiolus flower."

Sheila – Sheila comes from the Irish name Síle, which is believed to be from the Gaelic form of Cecilia.

Marion –  This French name for Marie, which has Hebrew roots from the name Miryām, has caused a lot of debate about its real meaning. Some say it stands for  "sea of bitterness" or "sea of sorrow." While others state that it means "rebellion" or "wished-for-child."

Doreen – This name is a take on the name Dora and comes from the Greek 'Doron', which means gift. 

Wilhelmina -This has German origins and is the female form of William. It can mean "protector" or "resolute fighter."

Doris – Just like Doreen, Doris is also a variation from the Greek meaning gift. 

Edna – This Hebrew name translates into "pleasure", but it also has an Irish and Scottish link to the name Eithne, meaning "kernel" in Gaelic.

Letitia -This comes from the Latin word 'laetus,' which means "happy". It can be shortened into the nickname 'Letty.'

Margaretta – This is a beautiful Greek name that means "pearl," the Persian meaning behind Margaretta, is the "Child of Light."

Fanny – It mightn't come as a shock to see Fanny disappearing from Irish society, due to the slang meaning. However, Fanny is actually Latin and means free one. 

If you like or are named any of these names – you're in luck as you're probably a rare find in Irish society.

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