These 15 Game of Thrones baby names are underrated and stunning

Game of Thrones. 

We're all obsessed – and for good reason. 

Not only is it insanely great television but it has spawned a plethora of cool names that we had never heard of before.

So now when choosing a moniker for our little ones, GOT-inspiration plays a big part. 

So, here are a few names that are perfect for any dragon-loving parents-to-be. 

1. Reed

2. Tully

3. Eamon

4. Meera

5. Talisa

6. Ellaria

7. Lyanna

8. Catelyn

9. Shireen

10. Jorah

11. Trystane

12. Brienne

13. Brynden

14. Jack

15. Olenna

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