These 12 baby names are inspired by our favourite female movie characters

Naming your little one after one of your favourite movie characters is a great way to give your child a stamp of individuality as well as giving them something that's special to you as their parent.

You can opt for a timeless name from the Golden Age of Hollywood or plump for a more modern moniker.

We've picked out a few names from movies where the female lead was a strong woman, someone we could all aspire to be like.

1. Scout

From: To Kill A Mockingbird

The child protagonist from classic 1960 American novel and later movie of 1962, Scout was an intelligent, loving tomboy.

Of French origin, it means "to listen". 
2.  Scarlett

From: Gone With The Wind

This Hollywood movie is iconic – as is it's main character Scarlett O'Hara.

It evokes romance, passion, and beauty – derived from an English surname with an occupational meaning, referring to a person who sold cloth of scarlet.

4. Belle

From: Beauty and the Beast

This is a good choice if you're a Disney fan.

Short form of Isabelle, which has French origins meaning ''pledged to God.''

''Belle'' also means ''beautiful'' in French. 

5. Arwen

From: The Lord of the Rings

This is not a made-up name but from Old Welsh.

It means ''far'' or ''fine''.

6. Jo

From: Little Women

Played by Winona Ryder, Jo is a gutsy, aspiring writer and a woman who knows what she wants.

A shortened version of Joanne or Joanna, which in its French meaning means ''to the family.''

7. Lorelai

From: Gilmore Girls

Ok, so this isn't a movie but Lorelai Gilmore is such a strong and impressive female character that we had to include her.

As the single mother struggling against her own parents, Lorelai raises her daughter Rory by herself and they have an amazing bond.

The German meaning behind the name is “rock in the river rhine”.

8. Elsa

From: Frozen

This Disney movie was every kid's favourite when it was released in 2013.

Elsa comes from the Hebrew name Elisheba, which means “oath of God”. 

9. Stella

From: A Streetcar Named Desire

This 1950's classic starring Marlon Brando is infamous for him shouting ''Stella!''

This name means ''star'' in Latin. 

10. Elle

From: Legally Blonde

Elle Woods defies all the odds, prejudices and obstacles in her way to get into and graduate Harvard Law School – what could be more inspirational?

It comes from the French pronoun "elle", meaning "she".

11. Hermione

From: Harry Potter

She is the glue that holds Harry and Ron together and the reason they survived seven books/movies.

The name is Greek, meaning ''well born''. 

12. Elinor

From: Sense and Sensibility

Any female in a Jane Austen novel is worthy of naming your child after.

Elinor Dashwood is the oldest of three sisters who lose everything when their father dies.

She strives to keep her family together and falls in love along the way.

This Greek name means ''shining light'' or ''the bright one''. 

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