'There was a connection': These kids with Down syndrome have the sweetest friendship EVER

Lana Beaton and Amy Sanders knew each other growing up but they were never particularly good friends. 

And the girls, who live in North Dakota, never expected that one day their own children would become the best of friends. 

But that is exactly what happened.

Amy welcomed her son, Cutler, not long after Lana gave birth to her daughter, Clara. Both babies were born with Down syndrome. 

And thanks to the help of a mutual friend, Amy and Lana decided to meet up (babies and all) after they realised they were both in the same situation.

“We laid the babies out on a blanket and they started touching each other – you could see that there was a connection between them," Lana told

Now, at two-years-of-age Clara and Cutler are the best of friends. 

In fact, the duo are so close, the mums decided to create a Facebook page, Clara & Cutler, where Lana and Amy share adorable videos and photos of the two.

The posts are written from the perspective of the two kids writing letters to each other and their followers.

"Dear Cutler!


"Mommy will share more deets tomorrow…. for now, Im all smiles with my peeps!!

"Love you to bits,

"Clara Violet

Amy and Lana hope that, with the help of the website, they will be able to reach other parents of children with Down syndrome and offer them help and support. 

So cute! 

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