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There is something very rude drawn on a tree in this kids’ TV show

Oh, kids’ TV, how we love you so; the easiest way to keep the children quiet for a few minutes!

However, there’s one show that parents are not exactly happy with right now: Maya the Bee.

That’s because there appears to be a PENIS etched on the side of a tree in the animation!

Sharing a screengrab from the show on Twitter, Jamie Harvey wrote: "The writing in #mayathebee has always featured hilarious innuendo so the discovery of some phallic graffiti is not a surprise!"

He's not the only one who spotted the 'offending' drawing though! 

Netflix has since removed this episode but haven’t released a statement about the incident yet, according to The Metro.

However, not everyone was annoyed by the drawing…

What do you think? 

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