The very best lamb recipes to whip up this Easter Sunday

With Easter Sunday just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your festive feast — and no, we’re not talking about the mountain of chocolate you plan to devour!

Easter Sunday is traditionally associated with roasted spring lamb. However, we’ve decided to switch things up a bit, and consider some of our other favourite lamb based recipes for the day that’s in it.

Here’s a list of the best lamb recipes — from traditional roasts to unusual dishes — all of which are full of flavour and absolutely perfect for your Easter Sunday celebrations!

Herb Crusted Lamb

If you think cooking lamb is tricky, then this foolproof recipe will show you otherwise.

Leg of Lamb with Garlic & Rosemary

A traditional roast which the whole family is sure to love.

Lamb Hotpot

A super simple recipe for those a bit worried about juggling the timings for potatoes meat and veg. When you’re throwing them all in together, you simply can’t go wrong!

Lamb Curry with Coconut Milk

This one’s a bit unconventional but no less delicious. We adore this creamy curry with lamb that simply melts in your mouth.

Rack of Lamb with Honey & Soy Marinade

If you’re cooking to impress then this is the recipe for you. 

Lamb Wellington

Who doesn’t love a seasonal twist on one of your favourite classic dinner party dishes?

Lamb Shanks in a Red Wine Sauce

This sumptuous slow-cooked dish just oozes flavour. Perfect for those who don’t want to spend their day slaving away in the kitchen.


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