The TOUCHING reason this mum’s lost necklace means the world to her

Jess Lee has carried her stillborn son Leighton close to her heart – literally.

Since he was born ‘sleeping’ in 2014, the Australian mum has worn a necklace made with a love heart charm, and inside it are her son’s ashes.

The locket also has Leighton 1.1.14 engraved on the back.

That’s why she was devastated when she realised that she’d lost it, likely due to a stressful day. Just recently, she was at the hospital to investigate a lump that she’d spotted on her ‘rainbow baby’, Kolton.

Overwhelmed with worry, she remembers placing the necklace in her son’s nappy bag on the 600km journey to the hospital.

“I know it is a long shot but I am asking for help to bring my baby home,” she told The Courier-Mail, to whom she sent a photo of the necklace and her message of hope.

In the unlikely event you were down under around June 9th, Jess lost the necklace on the long journey from Rockhampton in Western Australia to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

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