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The teen who dressed his brother up as Pennywise proves just how important family is

Eagan Tilghman had his moment in the spotlight recently, after he shared a terrifying photoshoot involving his three-year-old brother, Louie, and Pennywise – the killer clown from Stephen King's It

And while the photoshoot will no doubt have you sleeping with the lights on for the next while, the way Eagan talks about his baby brother and his family, well, that will just melt your heart. 

Last week, the high-schooler posted the photos of Louie with the caption "I got bored", and the internet went wild for it.

Literally wild. It was shared thousands of times. And was even shared by It remake director Andy Muschietti.

Yes, we're terrified by the whole photoshoot, but it's something that Eagan wrote on Facebook that made us go "aw". 

"Regardless of all the 'fame' that I've got and 'fortune' that is implied and that I've yet to see, the best part of all of this is hearing my little brother Shep brag on his Instagram live stream about how his older brother is 'famous'," he wrote. 

"All this is great, but my family is still the best part of all of it."

And that is what is so incredible about this whole photoshoot. 

That at the end of the day, it's two brothers messing around, spending time together and having fun.

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