Big Kids

The reason these two best friends are hugging will break your heart

A picture of two best friends hugging it out has quite rightly melted us into pieces, and you may want to brace yourself too. 

Mylee's best friend AND boyfriend was moving out of his home and across state when her big sister Haylie took the most beautiful and warming snaps of the pair saying their goodbyes. 

The dancing 'couple' were left devastated to be parting ways following Merce's big move to California, and they have reminded us about the true value of friendship through these heartbreaking snaps. 

The nine-year-olds have been besties since they began dancing together in their Louisiana dancing group when they were just two-years-old. 

Seven years later, and the duo have been inseparable up until this point, but we're hoping they'll get to see each other during holidays… and well, we wouldn't mind a 'Notebook 2'. 

It's probably a good thing we have a box of tissues on the desk, we're heartbroken – not able. 

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