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The name of the new children's hospital has been announced, and it's actually pretty cool

The announcement of the name for the new children's hospital has taken place today, and we couldn't be happier with the news.

While attending Connolly Hospital for the official sod turning of the paediatric outpatients and urgent care centre, The Children's Hospital Group revealed the new children's hospital will be known as 'Phoenix Children's Health'.

Following 300 name suggestions, Phoenix Children's Health was finally agreed as the phoenix is widely known as a mythological symbol of renewal; representing the birth of opportunities, regeneration, vision, hope and inspiration. 

The name which will be introduced on a phased basis, took almost nine months for the group to select, including input from staff in all children's and paediatric hospitals across the country and reviewed by six focus groups. 

The focus groups included that of the Youth Advisory Council, who are a group of 20 children and young people sharing their experiences as users of hospital services in order to improve the care children receive in acute paediatric services. 

While the name was put forward, it had certain criteria it was required to meet; it was to reflect the value and vision of paediatric services, a single word which was memorable, easy to read and pronounce and inclusive and relevant to all members of the community which the service will support. 

The new hospital is currently under construction on a shared campus with St James Hospital, and is hoping to be fit for purpose in 2022, as Minister for Health Simon Harris states: "Having a name – Phoenix Children's Health – now makes the project even more real and meaningful."

"As the name is introduced over the coming years across the country, children, young people and their families will have a better understanding of how the services connect together on their behalf."

"Our dedicated staff will truly become one team under a single name, all helping to deliver the vision for the future of healthcare for children."

We at MagicMum really like the name and what it represents; what are your thoughts on it?

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