The most popular baby names of 2018 have been revealed and they're too cute

There is so much pressure on parents to pick the ‘perfect’ name for their baby boy or girl. Finding a name that suits your baby can feel like mission impossible at the best of times. Every year brings a wave of new baby name trends, and sometimes it can feel like there are too many options out there.

Thankfully, has revealed the most popular baby names of the year so far. These names have been a huge hit with parents during the first six months of the year.

The list features plenty of classic and traditional names, as well as names inspired by space and flowers.

It also features plenty of names inspired by the royal family that’ll be perfect for your little prince or princess.

We’re sure this list will help you, expectant mums, especially if you have no idea what to name your tiny tot.

Top 20 Girls Names:

1. Olivia
2. Amara
3. Cora
4. Isla
5. Charlotte
6. Aurora
7. Amelia
8. Rose
9. Ava
10. Genevieve
11. Maeve
12. Penelope
13. Iris
14. Violet
15. Ophelia
16. Eleanor
17. Esme
18. Luna
19. Imogen
20. Eloise

Top 20 Boys Names:
1. Atticus
2. Milo
3. Jasper
4. Jack
5. Asher
6. Silas
7. Theodore
8. Oscar
9. Henry
10. Declan
11. Finn
12. Oscar
13. Oliver
14. Leo
15. Felix
16. Bodhi
17. Aryan
18. Arthur
19. Levi
20. Axel

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