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The kids are going to LOVE the latest furry additions to Tayto Park (trust us)

Nothing (and we mean nothing) beats cute, furry baby animals.

Puppies, kittens, lion cubs… we don't have a preference – we could look at their sweet little faces all day long.

So, obviously, we were delighted when we heard that Tayto Park now has three new furry baby additions. 

In April, rangers in Tayto Park welcomed two Tayra pups; native to the Americas, Tayras are an omnivorous animal from the weasel family and are renowned for being difficult to breed in captivity, adding to the delight of the staff.

The team also welcomed a very fluffy addition to the fields last month: a white Highland Calf!

Highland cattle are a Scottish breed with distinctive long horns and wavy coats. Their coats are usually ginger but the new addition at Tayto Park has a gorgeous furry white coat!

In fact, the team are looking for help naming the adorable calf… you can find out more here:

The new arrivals are settling into their new homes ahead of 'Love Your Zoo' (27th May- 4th June) week, when Tayto Park will be hosting an array of exciting activities.

During the fun-filled week, you can meet the zoo's rangers and learn all there is to know about big cats, birds of prey and small carnivores before making butterfly feeders and helping the rangers to make animal enrichment.

‘Love Your Zoo’ week is an annual campaign established by BIAZA (Britain and Ireland’s association of zoos and aquariums) to promote the organisation and educate the public on zoos, aquariums and wildlife centres.

To book your tickets, click here

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